I see it. I want it.
I work hard. I grind til I own it.
Beyonce had it right......mostly.

It should be more like...

I want it.

I see it.

I ask for it.

I enjoy the in-between time.

I own it.

But I'm pretty sure her song is not based on my manifestation process. 

As much fun as it is to twirl on the haters, it's simply not necessary to manifest your desires.
The big question has always been,
  • How did you get to where you are?
  • How did you create an audience of thousands
  • How did you get featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and MTV online
  • How did you create a business that generates multiple six-figures?
  • How did you manifest your husband?
  • How did you get the body you desired?

I wanted it.I saw it.
I asked for it.
I enjoyed the in between time.
I owned it.

That truly is my manifestation process in a nutshell.
  • But you probably want to know more than that. Like how you can create your own manifestation process.
  • How to get everything that has your name on it.
  • How to actually bring your desires into the here and now.
If you want to manifest the life you were meant to own, then you need to...
Confidently Step Into The Version Of Yourself Who
Gets Exactly What You Desire And Decide To Have

What's Included...

How to Set Powerful Goals - These start the manifestation process with immediacy [Includes video & worksheet]

How to Manifest Faster - If you feel like your manifestation is slow to come, you’ll love these trainings and exercises [Includes video, supplemental audio, & worksheet]

Rewiring Your Subconscious - How to use sleep to manifest your dreams into reality [Includes video training]

How to Manifest Through Scripting - Write your way to rich, hot, and happy [Includes video & screenshots of scripting from my journal]

How to Manage Fear - This covers dealing with your emotions as your desired manifestation is on it’s way [Includes video and journaling prompts]

Listening to Your Inner Guidance - How to feel 100% supported no matter what anyone around you says or your current reality [Includes video, supplemental audio, & worksheet]

By the time you complete Manifest NOW, you will have the clarity you need to create the life you desire, and the confidence to stand in your power as a creator.

I believe that you can create your life... 

...but first you have to decide. 

Because your dreams deserve your decision and you deserve to achieve your dreams but only if you decide to do whatever it takes to get them.

Are you ready?

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During this 14 day challenge I'm going to take you through daily prompts to increase your ability to receive.

The same steps that I took to start receiving all the good things I knew were coming to me, to quit the addiction to broke and finally allow in the wealth that was granted to me from birth.

What This Journal Will Help You Achieve This is more than just a planner or a journal. It is your roadmap to the life of your dreams. It is filled with stories of triumphs when things seem to come easily, but it also holds stories of the difficult seasons. Maybe you were attracted to this planner because you are in one of those difficult seasons right now. As you complete the exercises and tasks, you will experience a shift.

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